SnOasis Planning: Reserved Matters Application

MSDC planners briefed parishes on the reserved matters process and the Parishes are deciding at what level they need to be involved.  Extended consultation times will make it easier to the work required and gain local views.

I need to arrange for a discussion with the county highways planners so that the parishes can discover just what will be done to ensure traffic issues remain acceptable with this development on top of all the recent proposals.

A message from Helen Korfanty

Helen K at MartleshamWell, what a week it has been! I would like to thank everyone in Suffolk who voted for me in the PCC election, whether you were one of the 11,726 who chose me as their first preference, or one of the many who chose me as second preference.

It was lovely to meet so many of you in the run-up to the election, both at public and private events, and on the streets of towns across Suffolk. This is the first time that the Liberal Democrats have put up a PCC candidate in Suffolk, and we are very pleased with the reaction that we have had from the public.

Now that the PCC has been appointed, we need to make sure that he is truly representing us, and hold him to account. Under Tim Passmore’s previous term in this post, he oversaw a reduction in visible front-line policing – let’s try to make him do better for us in the future.

The goals that I set out in my election address are as important now as when they were drafted, and (as I said when interviewed by BBC Look East after the election count on Friday) I will press on with campaigning for them, elected or not. To that end, I invite all of you to continue to share your views with me, on policing and crime in Suffolk, so that I can continue to be your advocate in the challenge of making our communities safer. My website at will stay live, or you can email me directly at

Thank you for your support.

Liberal Democrats call on MPs to reject Right to Buy for Housing Associations

We Mid Suffolk Lib Dem Councillors are opposing the government decision to allow the tenants of Housing Associations the right to buy the homes they rent so we are putting the following to the council

Motion to Mid Suffolk district council;

“This council supports the housing charity “Shelter” in its campaign to persuade the Tory government that its plan to introduce the right to buy to housing association properties is ill conceived.

The council therefore resolves to lobby all Suffolk MPs and government ministers to reject this policy as the council is concerned at the loss of such social housing for future generations”

This council has one of its strategic priorities, housing, to ensure there is enough good quality, environmentally efficient homes, with appropriate tenures in the right location.

To have a policy of extending the right to buy to housing associations will not improve the housing crisis it will exacerbate it.

Even the National Housing Federation chief executive has publicly stated “this will have a serious and long lasting consequence for future generations. It will not solve the housing crisis :  it will make it worse”

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