Our Top Ten Priorities for Mid Suffolk

  1. 2105 Candidates

     Provide good quality , well designed and energy efficient housing in the right locations for local need.

  2.  Improve roads and infrastructure to meet local needs and as part of new strategic developments
  3.  Protect the environment and open spaces to improve quality of life
  4.  Support renewable energy initiatives which are right for our area
  5.  Encourage more recycling to reduce waste and work towards a food waste collection
  6.  Upskill local workforce to help local economy and attract new investment
  7.  Provide faster broadband to connect all of our rural communities
  8.  Improve public transport particularly to remote rural locations
  9.  Support individuals to take more responsibility for their health and well being
  10.  Improve council services and maintain good public access to the council

One thought on “Our Top Ten Priorities for Mid Suffolk”

  1. What sort of progress have you been able to make on these Top 10 priorities since setting them, where can I keep up to date on matters like these and things like the impact that the ban on the sale of petrol or diesel vehicles will have locally.

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