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Mike Norris has been a District Councillor representing The Needham Ward for the last twelve years. He is also a Town Councillor and this year Mayor. Mike worked as an accountant. He has been involved, with WendyMarchant in a vast number of local issues including HGVs in the High Street, flooding, vandalism, fighting car park charges at Needham Lake and the campaign to keep Middle Schools open.

Mike and Wendy campaigned against Barclays plan to close the bank in Needham Market, “The last bank standing”  raising the problems that have been created for people who need to use bank services without spending a long time travelling.  They also flagged the impact on businesses in the town  Internet banking helps a lot of us but not the older population who are frightened their computer skills are not up to the task.

The Network Rail wish to close the level crossing at Gypsy Lane which is used by villagers to reach Needham Market and by town residents and holiday makers to reach the countryside.  The proposal to replace the crossing with a bridge is not acceptable to many groups and Wendy and Mike have worked with these groups and Julia Truelove, the County Councillor and County staff to obtain an underpass with much less visual impact on our environment.

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20 Stowmarket Road
Needham Market

Phone 01449 720871
Mobile 07712501625
Email mike_norris@hotmail.co.uk

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