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Bosmere By-Election

Due to the untimely death of Ann Whybrow, a by-election will be held on Thursday, October 25th.

Our candidate is Steve Phillips.

He will aim to carry on the active and successful record of representing you, set by Ros Scott and Julia Truelove, your previous Liberal Democrat Councillors.  We  hope to meet your needs again with a hard working Liberal Democrat.

Steve’s Background

I am looking forward to serving you in Bosmere as a County Councillor and hope you will elect me on the 25th.

I have been a Town Councillor for 20 years and have served as Town Mayor/Chairman of Needham Market Town Council on two occasions. During that time, I have regularly fought for issues within the Town, for example improved facilities for Crowley Park playing field, so I have a good track record.

I have listened and responded to individuals’ concerns and helped promote local community projects.  I have helped to run the young persons’ football club in Ringshall and got to know many of the residents and their children.

I take a keen interest in our surrounding villages and getting things done. I have attended Parish meetings, visited local community shops and attended coffee mornings, as a member of the public.  If you choose to elect me I will regularly attend Parish Council meetings as your County Councillor to ensure I keep closely in touch with your needs and views.

I will also keep in touch via email and social media, our www site and by producing regular “Focus” leaflets

As a family man with 5 children, now grown up, I have maintained a continuing interest in education and this will  be of special interest if elected as your County Councillor.

Above all, I have tried to treat people fairly and hope to continue the trust placed in me.

Our Current Issues

Every year the County Council is cutting back our vital services, shifting the burden onto voluntary groups and increasing charges without weighing up the impact on vulnerable people.  They are responding to cuts in government funding but for several years have made “savings” sufficient to add to the reserves, which in total are over £150 million.

Health and adult social care is in crisis and many elderly people in the UK are not receiving the care and support they need. This has a severe impact on the NHS.
We believe cuts to health and adult social care, public transport, libraries, affordable housing, schools, road maintenance and the necessary infrastructure to support housing growth have gone too far.

Steve says

“If these are things that you feel as passionate about as I do, please give me your vote so that on your behalf I can challenge this Tory Council. Your vote is important not only to me but to your Town or Village, so please vote for me on Thursday 25th October and together we can make a difference.”

SnOasis-Planning Update

The “reserved matters submission is not yet complete although sufficient information was submitted at end October 2016 for the outline application approved by the then secretary of state to remain in effect.

Mid Suffolk are still waiting for the new environmental impact statement and May is now the likely date for submission of final details.  A decision should follow in August after a consultation period extended to recognise the complexity of the development and the demands that puts on Parish councils.

Sheltered Housing

MSDC is pressing ahead with its plans to “de-shelter” parts of its sheltered housing that it finds difficult to let due to their rural locations and will be charging residents for all costs associated with sheltered schemes in any way.  However, I hope I have helped to persuade it that in Cherryfields changes will only occur when tenants change.

No real consideration appears to be given to the financial and social benefits that occur if people move to accommodation focused on their needs and release larger houses to families.  Availability of sheltered accommodation may also delay the need to move to much more expensive care homes and ease load on the NHS by allowing people to move from hospital to a supported environment.